The Simpsons and the Wizards

My all time favorite show is The Simpsons. I’ve watched every episode — most multiple times. At 25 seasons and 550 episodes, that is an alarming portion of my life spent watching a cartoon.

In all that time, nothing in the Simpsons has really changed. Sure, there’s been a few developments here and there. Maud died. Ned married Ms. Krabappel. But mostly the Simpsons’ universe is stuck in time.

You begin to notice a pattern the more you watch. No matter how ridiculous the plot, every episode ends with things going back to normal. The Simpsons get rich, and they somehow lose the money. Lisa reinvents herself, but eventually she’s back to being an isolated intellectual. Homer gets a job as an astronaut, only to wind up back in Sector 7G.

Real life doesn’t work that way. People get older. Things change.

At least that’s what I used to think.


For what feels like forever, the Wizards have been a punch line. I don’t feel like going into all of the details here. It’s too depressing. But they’ve both lost an impressive amount of games AND been the subject of one piece of off-court-drama after the next. That’s a bad mix.

This year though, things have been different. The Wizards finally made it to the playoffs. They hadn’t done that since 2008. There they took down the Bulls in just five games. That was their first series win since 2005. Then they beat Indiana on the road in Game 1. They hadn’t won a second round game since 1982.

All of a sudden, it really looked the Wizards were on their way to the Eastern Conference Finals. The Wizards. In the Eastern Conference Finals.

Their Game 1 victory was followed by hard fought loss in Game 2. No big deal. You can’t go undefeated.

But then, on Friday night, they lost again. And they didn’t just lose. Over the course of 48 minutes they scored a grand total of 63 points. The same amount of points the Clippers scored in the first half against the Thunder later that night.

Just like that, things were back to normal. The Wizards were the Wizards again. I can’t say it caught me off guard.

I don’t know, maybe the Wizards are just doomed to live a Simpsons-like existence. No matter what happens, no matter how good things look, eventually the reset button gets pushed.

Or maybe not. Maybe this time things really are different. Maybe the Wizards will come out fighting tonight and take this series back by the throat.

For some reason, that’s exactly what I think is going to happen. I guess after all these years the message still hasn’t sunk in. The Wizards got this.


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photo credit: Keith Allison via photopin cc


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