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We spent millions to develop a pen that worked in zero gravity. Know what the Russians did? Used a pencil.

If You Can’t Beat Them, Hate Them

It’s really difficult for me to write this article. Tom Brady is easily one of my top three favorite athletes of all time. And LeBron James is just as easily my least favorite athlete in the history of sports. But, I’m putting all of that aside and looking at the facts. LeBron James is the Tom Brady of basketball.

Actually, before I put all of that aside, I want to clear the air about something first. Even if you can’t compare the two sports, Tom Brady is just better. He has a more attractive wife, he is more respected within the game, and most importantly he has more championships than LeBron.

Now, when I say that LeBron James is the Tom Brady of basketball, I don’t mean to draw similarities to their personalities, skill sets or playing styles. Instead, what brings these two athletes together is that, outside of their respective cities, they are both despised. Last year, Forbes ranked Tom Brady the sixth most “disliked” player in the NFL. Just the year before that, LeBron was ranked the second most “disliked” player in all of sports by the same magazine. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Jets or Raiders fan; chances are you love to see Tommy B lose. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Cavs or Kings fan; chances are you loved watching LBJ almost in tears at the end of Game 5 (I did). America loves to watch them fail. And when they win, their accomplishments are understated just because they are both so good at what they do.
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