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Tim Cahill: Farewell To A Legend

Look, no one is really surprised with the way Australia’s 2014 World Cup campaign ended. However, you might be surprised to know that currently Tim Cahill has scored more World Cup goals than Franck Ribery, Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney, and the entire Indian National Team combined (Eat it, Pablo Das). And he’s done so scoring goals like this absolute beauty: Continue reading


If You Can’t Beat Them, Hate Them

It’s really difficult for me to write this article. Tom Brady is easily one of my top three favorite athletes of all time. And LeBron James is just as easily my least favorite athlete in the history of sports. But, I’m putting all of that aside and looking at the facts. LeBron James is the Tom Brady of basketball.

Actually, before I put all of that aside, I want to clear the air about something first. Even if you can’t compare the two sports, Tom Brady is just better. He has a more attractive wife, he is more respected within the game, and most importantly he has more championships than LeBron.

Now, when I say that LeBron James is the Tom Brady of basketball, I don’t mean to draw similarities to their personalities, skill sets or playing styles. Instead, what brings these two athletes together is that, outside of their respective cities, they are both despised. Last year, Forbes ranked Tom Brady the sixth most “disliked” player in the NFL. Just the year before that, LeBron was ranked the second most “disliked” player in all of sports by the same magazine. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Jets or Raiders fan; chances are you love to see Tommy B lose. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Cavs or Kings fan; chances are you loved watching LBJ almost in tears at the end of Game 5 (I did). America loves to watch them fail. And when they win, their accomplishments are understated just because they are both so good at what they do.
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NBA Playoffs Preview and Picks

Before I get started with my playoff picks, a couple of disclaimers. First, I don’t really know what I’m talking about. Most writers don’t, but I feel weird pretending to be some sort of expert. I do watch a troubling number of meaningless regular season games, but as I find out when I pick my NCAA Tournament Bracket every year, I’d probably have just as much success picking based on which mascot would win in a fight. Anyway, if you’d like informed analysis, you should look elsewhere.

Second, I’m very biased. If I wasn’t, I wouldn’t be a fan. I tried to keep that bias out of my picks and be at least a little rational, but that’s hard to do. One pick is notably questionable. I think you’ll be able to figure out which one. OK, you’ve been warned.

Finally, before we move onto the playoff matchups, pour some out for the Suns. Vegas had their over/under at 19.5 wins for the season, racing the 76ers for the best odds in the lottery. Instead, they crashed headlong into 48 wins, as many as the No. 3 seed in the East. But they’re not in the East, and in the absurdly competitive West 48 wins wasn’t quite good enough. It was an amazing ride, and it’s too bad we won’t get to watch them anymore. All right, let’s do this.
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Thoughts on the Final Four

First, a quick aside. I have a poor memory when it comes to things like this, but has the Final Four always been broadcast on TBS on Saturday nights? Whose idea was this? The Final Four isn’t meant to be streamed illegally on a laptop by just a couple of hardcore fans while the rest of the universe stumbles drunkenly down the hall on their way to parties. The Final Four should be an event, right up there with the Super Bowl. It’s the culmination of a chaotic process in which 64 teams (Wait, there’s 68 team and 60 get first round byes?) are whittled down to four in a haze of buzzer beaters, blowouts, upsets, tears, celebrations, and anything else you might want to throw in. It’s the coolest thing in sports, and it should be a bigger deal. OK, if I don’t stop myself I’ll end up spending 1,000 words on a list of ways to improve college basketball. Maybe someday I will. But now is not the time, because we had two great games Saturday night.


This is really a story of two different games. The first game took place from tipoff to the 11-minute mark. During this time, it looked like UConn might finish the game with 20 points. Seriously, after 11 minutes they had four points and were on pace for a grand total of 15. Florida was pressing, trapping, and blowing up UConn’s offense on every possession. Patrick Young looked like a professional wrestler standing next to UConn’s forwards, and when he, Will Yeguete, and Casey Prather started using their size and athleticism to execute rapid defensive rotations, it looked like UConn would never score.

And then, just like that, the second game started. Continue reading

Why College Athletes Should Get Paid

I was stunned by the results of a recent Washington Post/ABC News Poll. Apparently, 64% of people oppose paying college athletes. Only 33% support it.

I’m guessing those 64% buy into one of the two arguments repeated ad nauseam for why college athletes shouldn’t get paid. I disagree with both.

The first is that college athletes already get paid. They receive full scholarships to attend college. This adds up to around $200,000 over four years of college. When so many kids are forced to take on student loans that take decades to pay off, why do college athletes need to be paid more than they already are?

I get why people feel that way. $200,000 is a lot of money. But if a star athlete generates millions of dollars for his school, he’s worth more than $50,000 a year. If capitalism is the best system we have to work with, and I think it is, why not allow a player to be paid what he’s worth? (I took Econ 101 last semester, so when it comes to the economy, I know everything).
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Wizards-Suns Notebook

I watch a lot of NBA games on my 13-inch laptop screen, but rarely do I get a chance to see the action in person. So on Wednesday Billy and I go to the WizardsSuns game.

We take the Metro to the game. Apparently, when you put a 20-dollar bill into the farecard machine, it gives you all your change in coins. So that’s convenient.

We get to the stadium without any trouble and approach the ticket booth. The lady behind the counter takes one look at us and asks, “The cheapest tickets available?” Impressive.

I say yes, but preferably around midcourt, which causes the lady and the woman behind her to erupt in laughter. I’m not sure what’s going on, but I’m glad I’m amusing. In addition to our tickets, we each receive a Chik-fil-A coupon.

After paying, we pass through security and enter the stadium. We spot a guy walking around with a large box and a Chik-fil-A hat, so we wave him down. After all, nothing’s more appealing than lukewarm chicken sandwiches. He won’t accept our Chik-fil-A coupons. Luckily, I have a pocketful of coins, so full price is not an issue.
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